Friday, January 20, 2012

Okay, moms, I've got a question for you: Would you be comfortable leaving your kid with someone who you were never introduced to? Would you like leaving your baby with someone who you had never seen smile, or even look sort of happy? Would you like leaving your child with this same person if, every time you even ENTER the same ROOM as her, he clings to your neck and starts sobbing uncontrollably?

...yeah, I don't like it either. In fact, I am very, very annoyed by it. I am annoyed with all things childcare related right now:
1. The person I spoke of above.
2. The fact that I just had to write a $180 check to our center because our childcare assistance got cancelled because a stupid blonde desk worker failed to turn my paperwork in and now I am paying for it, literally.
3. The fact that I have to constantly make phone calls and leave voicemails with my case worker and everyone else with the Childcare Assistance Program, yet I never get return calls. EVER.

Ya know what else sucks? Dieting sucks. There are only so many things I know how to do with vegetables, turkey and chicken.

ANYWAY, today I complain. Sorry. BUT IN OTHER AWESOME NEWS...

From now until February 1st, I will be doing everything in my power to go into Director in Qualification (DIQ) with Mary Kay! It's going to be hard, and if i get there it will only get harder, but I am going to rock it!


  1. Oh girl, I did. Still waiting to hear back from the hearing