Monday, January 16, 2012


I hate the number 17. In fact, I really hate any number that's not nice and even. Multiples of 2 and 5 are usually good. (Read: I may actually have OCD). Why is 17 relevant today, though?

The 17-day Diet
I tried to find something online to show you, but I couldn't find one that's exactly like what I'm doing. To summarize:
You can eat as much lean protein as you like (chicken, turkey, eggs, etc)
You can eat as many veggies as you like
Yogurt, fruit and water are a big part of the diet.
Supposedly the average person can lose 20 pounds doing this for 17 days, and that's my goal. I am competing with a friend to keep us motivated, and if we both meet our goals, we're rewarding ourselves with pedicures! :)

Anyway, today is day one and it's already been hard...but not because I am hungry. First, I left my food at home :( and then I had a coffee date with someone, and it was hard not to get any of the delicious things they offered...BUT, I stuck with hot black tea sweetened with splenda, and a veggie and hummus plate. Plus, I only had just a wee bit of hummus, mostly veggies! So far, so good...tonight's Mary Kay meeting will probably be a challenge, too. But life is challenging, I've just got to be tough!
Head over here to check out my progress (the health tab, up top!)

In other news
I am happy to report that I am not a statistic! Derrick Riley, my printmaking prof. last semester, told us some crazy statistic about how (I am guessing here) 80% of art students never make work again after graduation. GASP  Don't worry, I don't have a masterpiece going or anything, but I did get out a sketchbook and do a little portrait for about an hour.
It's not great, and it's super rough, but that's not really what counts here anyway.'s hard to do portraits from pictures.

And!! From that came a bit of inspiration. Hopefully, you'll get to see that pretty soon. I am excited, as inspiration for me is sort of rare. The LAL show I went to on Friday, though, definitely helped in that department.

For now,


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