Mary Kay

Current Career Level: Star Team Builder
Next Career Level: Star Team Leader, Future Director, DIQ (all within the next 9 days!)

DIQ IN FEBRUARY! It is happening! Nothing will stop me! I have to get 7 more active team members in 9 days, but I got this! AND this weekend alone I sold over $1,100 in product!!

Current Career Level: Star Team Builder
Next Career Level: Start Team Leader
Need to Achieve next level: 1 active team member
For 13% Commission: 3 additional ordering team members and only 4.75 in personal production!

If I got all but 1 of my current team members to become active between now and the 31st at midnight, I would be able to get 13% commission this month, which is a huge deal in MK!

Current Challenges: 6 names for marketing calls by the end of this week

Current Goal: DIQ in February (Director in Qualification)
To Achieve: 6 additional active members

The Plan:
The month of January I will see 50 faces; 25 will listen to our marketing; 1 in 3 recruit, so I will have 8 or 9 new recruits. Of the 8 or 9, probably 1/2 will become active, putting me at 8. I will also motivate my current team members and get two of the inactive ones active. This will put me at 10 active and ready to go into DIQ February 1!
I will see 50 faces by having 2-3 parties/week!

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