Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Better is much better. I've got lots to do at work, so I'm keeping busy. 

I made plans for Friday night with a friend to go to the Body | Figure | Nude exhibition opening at the Lexington Art League where I interned this summer.

I am SUPER excited about this opening! Why? It's all figurative, and that's the kind of art I love; that I am most drawn to. All of my work is figurative. Says LAL about the exhibition:
Works selected for the exhibition deal with the subject of the body, figure or nude or they use the body, figure or nude as a metaphor or allegorical vehicle.
"Beauty Mark" (detail) by Sondra Schwetm

Not only that, but two of my favorite people juried the show! Anna Brzyski was in my top 3 favorite professors, if not #1, in my time at UK. I took two of her Art History classes and...I was just enthralled in everything she said, taught, and had us read. Probably my favorite class of them all was one of the A-H courses I took with her called Studies in Art 1840-1914: Sex and was fascinating!

Becky Alley, the other juror, is the Exhibitions and Programs Director at LAL and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet. She curated the first show I worked on at LAL this summer, Love and Things Like Love; it is easily one of the best exhibitions I've ever seen. I was amazed with it. She has impeccable taste in art (and in hiring interns, if I do say so myself!).

Definitely make time to stop by and see it while it's up now through March 11th.
Friday's event is the Opening Preview Party, 6-10, $40. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

There is also a FREE Gallery Tour with the Jurors (eeek! must go!) on Jan. 24th at 7 pm.

And then the Fifth Third Bank 4th Friday event (monthly!) is on the 27th, 6-9 pm, $7 but FREE for members!

There's more I didn't mention, so make sure to head on over to their website and read up on it! I can't wait for Friday!!

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