Thursday, December 29, 2011


As I was sitting in my favorite chair late last night, trying to clear my head, I wondered what jumping out of a plane would be like.

It's about that feeling you get, right in the pit of your stomach. It happens when the chair that you're leaning back in tips just too far; when the roller coaster starts down that first hill. Sometimes it's butterflies: when you see someone you are interested in; when you get nervous about being in front of an's all the same, but a little different in each situation.

I can't help but think that free falling would have that same effect, plus the adrenaline rush, plus about a million other things, too. Can you imagine stepping off of something--a tall building, a cliff, whatever-- and not knowing what was at the bottom, not having a parachute or a bungee cord, but knowing, 100%, beyond any doubt, that you will live. That's the only guarantee, though. You have no idea how bruised, scratched, or broken you might be at the bottom but you know, for sure, that you'll live.

Would you jump?

I did.


  1. I've thought about skydiving because it combines two of my fears - being on a plane (even if it's only a short period of time) and the feeling of lost control. Now that I have babies it's weird how I reconsider risky decisions like that (at least until they're older) but I'd love to experience that feeling firsthand.

    Until then I guess we can always make choices that let us experience that feeling without actually jumping out of a plane... sounds like that's what you're doing. :)

  2. You know me well, dear. You are correct. I am the same way, too, about making different choices now that I have a baby. I was on an amusement park ride this summer and the whole time all I could think about was "what if this goes wrong and I die?!" in relation to him. :) the instincts kick in, for sure.
    I don't know that it was a good thing or a good feeling, but it was an adventure and I learned a lot about myself.